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How to get your AP test scores

Collegeboard no longer mails your test grades to you physically. They have, instead, opted to distribute scores through their website online for faster access to your results, and also to save wasted paper and money lost by snail mail. Once your score becomes available, you can find it by logging into their website.

View your AP Test Scores
at CollegeBoard.org


In addition to showing you your hard-earned AP test score, you can arrange to have Collegeboard send your grades directly to your Universities of choice! This can make applying for college, or transferring to a different Univeristy a little less time consuming. Head over to their website, linked to above, for more information if you are interested.

If your score isn't ready, try to estimate it!

If your score isn't ready yet, head over to AP Pass's exam score calculators to find out well you would have done against previous years' grading curves! Many people find that the curves are a lot more lenient than they were expecting, which can take a lot of stress off your shoulders!

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