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  1. Tom Richey has a large collection of 84+ videos on US History
  2. Taylor pointed out the Hip Hughes History YouTube channel, which has lots of great videos about US History
  3. Hank Green has a fantastic YouTube channel called Crash Course, and about 50 of his videos are dedicated specifically to U.S. History. The videos very helpful, and easy to understand.
  4. User Kelly Delaney submitted Adam Norris' Youtube channel. Many of his videos correspond to the AP US History textbook "The American Pageant"
  5. Tati Moreno submitted AP Practice Exams.com as a useful web site for AP exams. Among resources for other AP classes, the site contains practice tests for the AP U.S. History exam.
  6. Course Notes has a great collection of study guides, textbook summaries, and more. Overall, a very helpful study resource
  7. This site was submitted by a user of AP Pass. AP Exam Review seems to be a useful resource that you may want to take a look at.
  8. Quizlet Study Cards
  9. US History Practice Tests
  10. AP US Practice Quizzes
  11. Weebly AP US History
  12. College Board Practice
  13. FLVS Practice Exams

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